“Let them praise his name with dancing and make music to him with tambourine (drum) and harp.”

Eh? The above is a quotation from the Bible and seems suitable for our work this week, as ‘Harp – A River Cantata’ is dominating our lives at the moment!

Every day this week, there will be some activity on this project which is produced by Ulysses Opera Theatre, and brings brass players from the Dublin Concert Band, singers from Tonnta Music and friends, and the drummers from the MaSamba. The musicians and singers will work alongside a dance troupe, to re-create the Irish legend of the ‘Harp of Dagda on a massive scale.

We have been rehearsing away on our own parts for the past month, but this week, we will get to see and hear the other performers live for the first time, and go through that nervous moment of ‘will it all fit together?’

It promises to be an amazing, once-off event, and best of all it’s FREE, so if you are in Dublin on Saturday night, come down to the Samuel Beckett Bridge over the Liffey and enjoy the spectacle!

Further details are here!


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Masamba Samba School is Ireland's premier Afro-Brasilian music and dance group.
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