A Long Weekend of Rehearsals

Last weekend, we welcomed Dudu Tucci back to Dublin to deliver a three-day workshop on the rhythms played in his Afoxe Loni project in Berlin.

This is all working towards MaSamba’s participation in the Karneval der Kulturen in Berlin this year, which is supported by Culture Ireland. As well as performing our own set on the Latin Stage, we will join Dudu and roughly 60 other performers for the festival parade, which takes 5 hours to complete!

We were joined by musicians from 3 other bands, making a group of 22 dedicated musicians who worked through the cold, the pain, and the hangovers (in some cases) to put in a solid weekend’s work. At the end of the weekend, part of the floor resembled an old-style butcher’s shop, such was the amount of wood chippings from the drumsticks!

We bade farewell to Dudu yesterday morning, but the MaSamba show band were back rehearsals last night for a further three-hour rehearsal to work on our own show for Berlin!


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