Beware the 12th of June!!!

On June 12th, 1840, a meteorite hit Uden in the Netherlands, narrowly missing a group of farm workers. For June 12th 2014, it feels like a huge meteorite is heading right for the Masamba rehearsal space, in the form of the World Cup!

Yes, tomorrow is the kick-off of the 2014 World Cup, and because the tournament is being held in Brasil, there is a sudden upsurge in interest in all things to do with Brasilian culture, and everyone wants some samba drummers or dancers at their World cup Party.

'The White Stuff' - The Masamba team on set at Ardmore Studios.

Already, this week, we have been involved in an ad shoot, which is kind-of linked to the World Cup, and tomorrow, we have no less than 6 events we are involved in, from small, simple events to big productions. Luckily we have a great team, who are sharing out the work, and making sure that we can deliver everything to an appropriate standard of amazing-ness!

In particular, if you are in the Stephen’s Green-Harcourt Street-Leeson Street area, it should be almost impossible for you NOT to hear some samba music or see some feathers and sequins swaying seductively from a beautiful dancer.

It would be great to have Friday off, but no, we are back in St. James’s School first thing, and appearing at the Taste of Dublin that evening. In fact, it will be Sunday, before we get to rest up, as we also are starting a series of promotions for WKD on Saturday night.




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