Brasilian Connections

Simeon is currently ‘slaving away’ (allegedly) in Rio and Sao Paulo on behalf of the band!

In Sao Paulo, he met with representatives of the Contemporanea Instrument Co. to thank them for their recent sponsorship of some new excellent drums for our show band. Contemporanea’s endorsement of MaSamba runs much deeper than just the donation of instruments, and we have been in discussions with them about a number of projects for 2010 – more to follow in good time!

Simeon also took some time out for a meeting with Ari Colares, who is just completing a new book on samba in Portuguese. We are hoping to host him for a second series of workshops when the English-language version of the book is released in mid 2010.

Back in Rio, and despite the 40˚ temperatures forecast for the weekend, Simeon is determined to hook up with our partners in Monobloco for a planning meeting, and possibly do some repinique and caixa workshops with them.

There may even be an hour to sit on Copacabana beach!


About Simeon

Masamba Samba School is Ireland's premier Afro-Brasilian music and dance group.
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