First full day in the Windy City

What a beautiful day today!

The weather was warm and sunny, we had some free time to explore the downtown area of Chicago and most importantly, start planning for our musical duties in this great city.

They're going to be tough to please! Working out a game plan for Chicago!

When we landed yesterday (4 hours behind schedule), our first imperative was to make contact with a local scout, who could help direct us in our travels. Enter Frank, the barkeep in our local bar ‘Rocks’ – when I say local, I mean right across the road from our house! Frank told us the specials in the bar, that he would be our trusted servant for the duration of our stay, and that if we weren’t ordering food, he would have to throw us out in an hour, because there was a Bears game on and the bar would be packed.

Mary makes a valuable local contact in the form of Frank, the barman at 'Rocks'

Luckily, we were hungry, because he was right, and in no time, the bar was full of loyal Chicagoans, cheering on their team.

This morning, internet connection achieved, and re-connected with the world, everything was good in Chez MaSamba, and we decided to sally forth and take the ‘L’ downtown.

Sorry, another weird photographic interlude - this is one of the front windows of the Apple Store in Chicago- festooned with dedications to the late Steve Jobs.

Simeon went looking for inspiration today, but it seems that all they listen to in Chicago is Jazz!

Simeon went out checkin' for the diversity of music in Chicago - turns out, there's nothing but Jazz!


We had a great day, checking out some of the tourist haunts, the shopping, and eating some great food. However, to cap it all off, we headed up to the Signature Bar to toast in the sunset with an amazing view of Chicago from the top of the John Hancock Tower – pretty stunning stuff.

Now you might think this all sounds like a holiday, but Simeon was having none of it! When we got back, he called a band meeting to plan out the workshop in Carthage College tomorrow – you know he’s a task master, and our first full day in Chicago was no exception!

High Pressure band meeting - Simeon is re-ierating that this is not a pleasure trip!


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