New Media Reports of ‘The Boys Are Back In Town’

It’s a lovely bright morning in Dublin, and hopefully it will remain that way until after our street pageant ‘The Boys Are Back In Town’ hits South King Street at 6pm this evening,

We really hope that we get a good crowd for the event, and indications are that we will have visitors from the UK, Sweden, the US and even Brasil in Dublin this weekend for Phil Lynott’s birthday, and, of course, to see ‘The Boys Are Back In Town‘!

The media have been very helpful in letting people know about the event, and a couple of today’s papers have featured the event, as well as all 3 editions of the ‘Dublin People’ group. Here are a few clippings, to get you all in the mood for some real ‘Samba Rock’!

Irish Daily Star, 20.08.2011, page 21

Irish Independent 20.08.2011, page 13, our mention is right at the end!



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