Harp – A River Cantata

Tonight we begin rehearsals for a new show called ‘Harp – A River Cantata‘ which see us teaming up with a choir from Tonnta Music and the Dublin Concert Band, under the baton of Composer Tom Lane.

The performance tells the story of the Harp of Dagda and will take place on the evening of September 6th on the Samuel Beckett Bridge. The music is influenced by the tones emitting from the steel cables that suspend the bridge, is already sounding pretty amazing, although it has yet to be played live.

This project allows us to focus on some of the key facets of Afro Brasilian music, and to dip our collective toe in the water of modern classical music all at once. It is also an opportunity to call in some of our extended MaSamba family and we will be joined by a few guest drummers over the next few weeks, so in every way, it is a positive experience.


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