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Community Services Programme, Dept. of Social Protection

This programme, managed by Pobal, provides core funding for MaSamba’s community projects, including our own youth wing.


City Of Dublin Youth Service Board (CDYSB)

CDYSB has been providing help and assistance to the young people of Dublin since 1942 when it was established by the City of Dublin Vocational Education Committee (CDVEC). CDYSB has long supported our work with young people in the Dublin area.


Culture Ireland

Culture Ireland is the state agency for the promotion of Irish arts worldwide, working under the aegis of the Minister for Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht.

Culture Ireland creates and supports opportunities for Irish artists to present their work at strategic international festivals, venues, showcases and arts markets.


Irish Youth Foundation

The mission of IYF is to provide opportunities for children and young people facing adverse and extreme conditions to experience success in their lives.



IMRO is a national organisation that administers the performing right in copyright music in Ireland on behalf of its members –  who are songwriters, composers and music publishers – and on behalf of the songwriters, composers and music publishers of the international overseas societies that are affiliated to it.

IMRO has occasionally supported MaSamba’s songwriting activities and youth programmes.


Music Network

Promoting, encouraging and funding the highest standards of music creation and performance throughout Ireland. As well as being a powerful information resource, Music Network administer funding programmes such as the Instrument Capital Scheme, which have supported MaSamba’s work.


Endorsements and Support in Kind

Contemporánea Instrumentos Musicais

Contemporánea produce the finest samba percussion instruments, and has been the ‘first choice’ of MaSamba players since we discovered them 15 years ago. Contemporânea generously endorse our work, and have provided many free instruments, as well as supporting our training programmes, etc.


Soar Valley Music

Soar Valley Music supplies percussion and folk instruments from around the world, and is the UK and Ireland distributor for Contemporânea Instruments. SVM have been a valuable support to MaSamba for over 15 years, and are always willing to support our Contemporânea endorsement, as well as giving us direct support and advice.


Sabian Cymbals

Sabian is the world’s top cymbal manufacturer, and has endorsed MaSamba’s Musical Director, Simeon Smith, since 2005. As well as providing literally thousands of € worth of cymbals, triangles and effects, being part of the worldwide Sabian family has opened may doors for us, and given us all sorts of opportunities.


Liverpool Drumsticks

Liverpool drumsticks are based in the South of Brasil, and produce specialist samba sticks and mallets, as well as mainstream ‘rock’ sticks. Liverpool have been sending us boxes of free sticks for the last couple of years, which have been a big help for our performance and workshop programmes.


Acoustic Technologies (Ireland)

This company is the only Irish producer of custom fitted earplugs and in-ear monitor systems. Brian and his crew have been looking after the hearing of the MaSamba staff for several years!


Bradóg Regional Youth Service

Bradóg Regional Youth Service is an organisation that supports the personal and social development of young people in north inner city Dublin. MaSamba were once based in the Dublin 7 area, and we have developed a lot of projects in partnership with the Bradóg team.


Sphere 17 Regional Youth Service

Sphere 17 is the local youth service for the Darndale, Belcamp, Clonsaugh areas of Dublin’s Northside. Sphere 17 has collaborated with MaSamba on a number of exciting projects.


Evanston Escola de Samba (EEDS)

Evanston Escola de Samba are based just north of Chicago and is a mixture of professional musicians and people from the local community, some of whom are seniors, young people at risk, and people with special needs. EEDS and MaSamba have collaborated on several projects, most notably on MaSamba’s mini-tour of the American Mid-West in October 2011.


Dudu Tucci/Percussion Art Center

Dudu Tucci is a multi instrumentalist and master drummer, originally from Sao Paulo, but based in Berlin for many years, where he runs the Percussion Art Center with Krista Zeissig. Dudu has been a mentor and partner to MaSamba since 1996, and we regularly host him at our rehearsal space in the Liberties.


The Beat Initiative

Beat is the lead Carnival Arts organisation in Northern Ireland: providing education, development and work facilities; and producing carnival parades and large-scale performances with thousands of people each year. As well as facilitating it’s own percussion group ‘Beat’n’Drum’, the Beat have collaborated with MaSamba on many projects including several Belfast Carnival parades, and the St. Patrick’s Festival Parade in Dublin.


Temple Bar Cultural Trust (TBCT)

TBCT is all about supporting culture in Temple Bar.  The work happens in Temple Bar but it has impact in other places in Dublin and Ireland and further afield.  The motivation is to provide excellent and exciting cultural services in Dublin for public and civic benefit.

TBCT are in the business of bringing culture closer to people. Through this work they make sure that Temple Bar plays its part in making Dublin a better place to grow up in, to live in, to work in and to visit.


Samba Resources

Mick Pyke’s gathering of anything and everything that might pertain to samba music and dance in the UK and Ireland.


World Samba Homepage

A worldwide resource for the samba community.



Ireland Drummers is the homepage of samba in Ireland. The site is still under development and looking for bands to submit their listings.


Traditional Sounds of Samba (UK)

A website dedicated to replicating Rio Samba in the UK, this site includes a great guide for anyone travelling to Rio at Carnival time.

A web based costume shop with some great YouTube links to carnival rehearsals and performances, mainly dance-orientated.



Some of the bands we have worked with, or just admire from afar



Certified nutters from Glasgow – great band too, by the way!


Bloco Eri Okan

Sam Alexander’s excellent bloco afro collective.


Maracatu Estrela do Norte

Sam Alexander’s maracatu group, longest established in the UK.


The London School of Samba (LSS)

London School of Samba is the UK’s original Samba School with a rich history dating back to 1984.


Sapucaiu no Samba

Berlin’s samba-batucada crew!


Rhythms of the City

London’s funky samba crew, under the baton of Barak Schmool.


Toque Tambor

Hitchin’s finest, and partners with MaSamba for the St. Patrick’s festival 2008.



At the vanguard of Rio’s resurgent bloco scene, MaSamba have worked with these great guys on a number of occasions!



Dublin’s Afro-Cuban vibesters, our regular partners in crime!



Niall Gregory’s ethnic Afro-Cuban maestros, based out of Drogheda.