MaSamba Delighted to Announce a New Patron

Last week, in the midst of a snowstorm of work, we received one very special piece of mail, bearing the gold Irish Harp. We are all used to seeing the harp on government literature, but we had never seen a gold one – what did it signify?

It was the most amazing news, in the Michael D. Higgins, President Of Ireland has agreed to be the Patron for MaSamba, which is an amazing endorsement of our history and our work in both the community and Arts sectors for almost 20 years.

It doesn’t have any immediate financial benefits, but sometimes recognition of the amount and the quality of work we have turned out from a very small and humble base, is reward enough in itself.

We are so proud to welcome President Higgins as the latest member of the MaSamba extended family, and as would say himself: ‘Ar aghaidh leis an Ceol!’


About Simeon

Masamba Samba School is Ireland's premier Afro-Brasilian music and dance group.
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