More Collabs, Y’all!

We mentioned earlier in the week, our excellent collaboration with artist Will St. Leger, on a mural that will decorate the front of our building. That’s not all.

A couple of weeks back, we were contacted by a dancer called Fernanda Faez, who had lived in Ireland and studied Irish dance while she was here. Amazingly, she leads a group of Brazilians who have learned Irish dance in Sao Paulo, and more amazingly, they were planning a trip to Ireland to participate in the 2017 World Irish Dancing Championships which take place in Citywest later this month.

Irish dance

What has all this got to do with Masamba? Well, the group needed a friendly space to carry out their last few rehearsals before the big competitions, and mutual friends in Brazil connected us. We at Masamba were only too willing to support an organisation that is mirroring what we do in Brazil – they are promoting Irish culture in Brazil, while we are promoting Brazilian culture in Ireland.

As well as hosting some of their rehearsals, we have also organised for them to do a performance with our neighbours in St. Patrick’s Hospital, and the group will also be joining us for our performance at the Crinniu na Casca event in St. Stephen’s Green on Monday, April 17th.

So, as well as all the work on the mural next week, and all of Masamba’s other gigs and workshops, we will have 30 Brazilian dancers strutting their stuff up on the mezzanine. And, if you weren’t coming to see our show in Stephen’s Green on Easter Monday, you now have another reason to join us for the craic!



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