More Good News!

OK, so there is lots of really hard work going on, to make ‘The Boys Are Back In Town’  the best-ever Rock Pageant (which should be easy, as it is the first-ever ‘Rock Pageant’).

BUT, there are more and more, really fun, positive things happening  along the way, some of which we are allowed tell you about.

Today, our favourite music store in the world, Music Maker, told us that, as well as loaning us some top guitar amps and a drumkit, they are giving us a pile of Wincent sticks. So what you might say, but those of you in the know that one of Wincent’s small team of endorsees is none other than the legendary Brian Downey of Thin Lizzy. So basically, our snare players will be playing with drumsticks officially endorsed by Brian Downey for ‘The Boys Are Back In Town’ – pretty cool!

Also, as if wasn’t enough, the good folks at Music Maker, have donated a Fender Guitar Pack, and a practice amp for our raffle, which will take place on Thursday night, as part of our table quiz on Thursday night in the famous Bruxelles Bar. I’m not sure what this prize is worth, but it’s valuable, and it’s all anyone needs to get their guitar career off to a great start!

Add to that, the fact that we had a stonking rehearsal tonight, really getting to grips with Chinatown, which is a really great Lizzy song, but has a lot of structural complexities. We have been wrestling with it for a couple of weeks, but tonight we pretty much nailed it!

We have more news in the pipeline – BIG NEWS! we hope to make an announcement tomorrow – watch this space!


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