Moving Onwards (and Upwards?)

It’s been a long, but rewarding week here at Masamba.
We are still moving stuff out of the Bow Lane premises in storage, and despite some obstacles, we’re getting there. We just did a deal on another big shed last night that will house the rest of the gear, so now all we need is the time and people-power to get all the stuff moved – it seems sad and ironic mothballing tons of Carnaval instruments and costumes, just as Carnaval begins around world, but there ya go! It has to be said that our new van came at the right time, although right now we could do with something bigger – a LOT bigger!

Starting the process of relocating Masamba’s vast stock of instruments and costumes into storage – 03/02/2018

Otherwise, it has almost been business as usual. We had a great rehearsal on Monday, ahead of our gig in the Sugar Club tonight It will be a reduced version of the band, so that we can fit on stage, but we have some nice Carnaval rhythms from around Brasil ready to go, and in tandem with the Tropicalia movie and a raft of Latin DJs, it should be a cracker of a night.

Carnavalia Graphic

On Wednesday, we were joined by no less than 5 new people at rehearsals, and got through a full set list of pieces. We only hope that these ‘newbies’ can make the transition with us to our new rehearsal space at Jigsaw. We will be publishing full details of that when time permits.

Simeon gets a makeover ahead of the Sugar Club gig, courtesy of a member of our Youth Project

Last night, we had our youth group in and, numbers were down because of all the confusion of the move. Fair play to them, they asked if they could try to lead a piece by themselves. This is something we have been working towards for a while, and it was not only great that they suggested it themselves, but also they did a great job  – maybe now they’ll appreciate how difficult it is for us;-)
Also, yesterday, we managed to help out a local school. Some of our youth group attend CBS James’s Street, and while we were talking about the move, they suggested that the school might take some of the spare lockers we had in the rehearsal space. Well, yesterday we managed to do a few van run up to them and deliver around 20 lockers that they can use for students to keep books, etc. in. It is very much in the ethos of Masamba as a community-based group to both help other similar organisations, and to reduce waste, by re-using materials where possible – win-win for everyone!
Today, we are back in St. James’s Primary School for a day of classes there, we have a meeting with the City of Dublin Youth Service Board this afternoon, and then off to the Sugar Club, where the weekend, and CARNAVAL begins!! (I wonder if we can get away with taking 5 days off???)

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