New Project Started Today in Mater Dei NS

We are back in the rehearsal space tired, but very happy after an excellent start to our newest project in the local area – this time working with Mater Dei primary school.

Mater Dei is on Basin Lane, Dublin 8, under the shadow of the illustrious Guinness Gravity Bar. For some reason, the back wall of this flagship tourist location faces Basin Street, but then, this is the side of Dublin that our government would rather the tourists don’t see, as it is a small island of local authority housing and schools, largely cut off from the rest of Dublin. The Celtic Tiger managed to miss this area completely.

However, the school is a haven of learning and support for the local children, and while it is clear that these kids come from a tough area, they are mannerly, very receptive, and many of them are showing real talent.

We will be working one day a week in the school between now and Christmas, and hopefully, funding can be found in the new year to continue this valuable work.

Currently, the work is being supported by the MaSamba Youth Project and City of Dublin Youth Service Board.


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Masamba Samba School is Ireland's premier Afro-Brasilian music and dance group.
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