Quick Drogheda Weekend Report

We kind of took a day off yesterday, following a hectic weekend criss-crossing the country in the cause of Samba!

Friday morning, we were out in TV3 bright and early, to record a short promo for the Drogheda Samba Festival. Everything went very smoothly, and we had a good time, even though the final clip was very short!

The rest of Friday was spent organising things for the weekend shows, as the band rarely travels light on the road these days. We needed to organise equipment and costumes for 2 parades and 2 stationary shows – once we are on the road, it’s usually too late to organise anything else, so careful planning was needed.

We departed for the Claremorris Summer Fever event early on Saturday morning, knowing that we would have an extremely long day! However, the travel was pretty uneventful, and we were there in good time for the first event, which involved a stroll all around the town playing samba rhythms, and also a short stationary set in the town square – it was strange being there on a day other than Paddy’s Day, but despite the weather being a little wet and blustery, the spirits were good, and the feedback positive.

As soon as that gig was over, it was quick change and back into the bus for a dash back to Drogheda for our gig as part of the Global Grooves 2 event, organised by Niall Gregory of Cachimbo. This was a late night gig, with the doors only scheduled to open at 11pm, but even as we were leaving after our soundcheck at 10pm, people were arriving at the doors. This show was great criac, and is was great to see a lot of the old-school samba posse, as well as some ex-MaSamba members grooving away. It is even alleged that ‘Jumbo’ McGovern was seen freaking out on the dance floor – any photographic evidence of this is very welcome and will be posted here!

The grooves were flowing, and so was the sweat! Global Grooves 2 gig, Saturday, 25th June 2011, Purple Room, Drogheda. Photo: Simon Edmondson.

After the show, we re-convened at out hotel for a few well-deserved drinkies, and a couple of hours sleep!

Sunday is the day of the Drogheda Samba Festival parade, and we always like to have something new to show at this event. This year, it was the ‘Bloco Afro Brasil’ show, and samba reggae grooves all the way! This worked well, as all the other groups were playing different grooves. Kelly, as always, danced an absolute stormer, and we can’t forget our ‘fearsome’ warrior dancers, led by JP!

A rare photo of the drummers of MaSamba, on the streets of Drogheda for the Samba Festival Parade 2011. Photo Angie Gerrity.

It was HOT though, and, we were just as happy to get out of the costumes as the end of the parade, before enjoying some cold drinks and excellent bossa nova courtesy of Drogheda’s Blue Bossa – an excellent wind-down after a busy weekend!

Another picture of drummers! Drogheda Samba Festival 2011. Photo Angie Gerrity.


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