Samba Fever Comedown

It is almost a week since the Samba Fever training project finished in Carlingford, and I think it took us all a couple of days to return to the normality of everyday life.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to play drums for 8-9 hours every day?

We must take a second to thank our hosts at the Carlingford Adventure Centre and the Foy Centre for making us feel very welcome and making the organisation of the event much easier.

Of course, Dudu Tucci was an excellent tutor, and we are already in discussion with him about some follow-up work. We will publish news here, as we get it.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t take too much time out, as we are heading off to Luton next weekend to play at the opening of the UK Centre for Carnival Arts. As well as our own material, we have nine songs to learn to collaborate with UK based drummers in a massed performance, so we had two extra rehearsals set for this week. In all, MaSamba personnel are involved in 7 rehearsals over this week, and as soon as we come back from Luton, we will have to start work on some sambas for the Karneval der Kuluren in Berlin – phew!


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