Space, the Final Frontier

As well as all the running around playing gigs and delivering workshops, we have also been busy with some ‘housekeeping’ issues of late.

Last week, we took deliver of a 20ft shipping container to increase our storage space and to free up more room in the rehearsal area for weird things like drums and drumming!

Yesterday, a small dedicated team of volunteers spent a few hours in the space, organising drums, costumes, and other bits and pieces, and packing them away. A 20ft container, which looked huge when empty, soon was filled from floor to ceiling, and there were still things without a home!

We are nearly there though and we should reap the benefits in the very near future.

Aoife & Sarah-caboclos

Aoife and Sarah take a break from re-organising the rehearsal space to try on some Caboclo headdresses.

Yacine 'helping' us to pack costume during our space organisation!

Yacine 'helping' us to pack costume during our space organisation!

Next up for us on the gigging side, is an appearance at the Temple Bar Circus Festival on Friday, July 10th. The event is free, and it would be great to see some of you there!


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