The Future’s So Bright, We Have to Wear Shades!

Sunglasses have become compulsory in the MaSamba rehearsal space this week, but not because of the sunny weather!

Our new drums, courtesy of Contemporanea, have finally arrived, and they look great! The lovely, shiny chrome is a sight to behold!

On top of that, our friends in Sabian have sent over some new Picante Hand Cymbals, so that our hand drummers can add some crashy, trashy sounds to their collective arsenal of sounds – nice, loud, shiny!

To make things ‘worse’, we are about to receive about 20 boxes of new costumes for our ‘Boys Are Back In Town’ pageant, due to take place on August 20th. Having seen the mock-ups, these costumes are going to have a lot of sequins and jewels, making them iridescent and, eh, shiny.

We may have to supply safety goggles to anyone who comes near us in the next few months!





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Masamba Samba School is Ireland's premier Afro-Brasilian music and dance group.
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