Dudu Tucci working with MaSamba (young and old) this weekend!

This weekend, we are looking forward to another visit from our good friend and mentor, Dudu Tucci to Dublin, volcanic clouds permitting!

Dudu’s main task on this trip is to work with our youth wing, MaSamba do Mananha, on a project which incorporates testing their understanding of musical notation, specifically percussion notation, and using it to develop new music. The group has already done some great work with Derek Bolger of the Armed Forces School of Music to learn to read notation, and now this new skill will be put to the test. Dudu will start by submitting the scores to the group, which they have to analyse and work out the parts. Dudu will then work with the group to actually develop the grooves in a hands-on way, resulting in one or two new pieces of percussion music. This project is funded by the Arts Council under their Young Ensembles Scheme.

As he is here, we are also taking the opportunity for the adult members of MaSamba to take part in a short workshop on Saturday evening, which as always, will be both educational and fun.

We are delighted to be working with Dudu again – it would be unfortunate if the volcano exploded and he had to stay here for a few months!


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