Back to School

I’m sure lots of people, particularly teachers, are complaining that all the schools have re-commenced in the last couple of weeks, but not us – we’re delighted to be back into the thick of things!

As an organisation that delivers hundreds of percussion workshops every year, the slow down in the Summer goes on a little too long! This week, we started back in Marino College, with the drumming club there, and it was great to see some of the ‘old’ faces and to meet some new people too. We got the guts of a new piece of music down in just 30 minutes, so it looks like we will have another highly successful year with the Marino gang!

Also this week, we hosted a group of almost 20 American students from Champlain College, who are here primarily to study Irish traditional music, but we always do a little bit of samba with the group , as a team building exercise . We only do two sessions with these groups every year, but they act as milestones in our year.

In addition, we received news yesterday that all the students we worked with from St. Paul’s CBS in North Brunswick Street did really well in their Junior Cert. Music exams. Somewhat uniquely, the boys performed two pieces of samba for their practical exam, which was worth 25% of their overall exam marks. We are delighted that we could help the lads to do so well!

On top of all that, Simeon went back to school himself. In this case it is to complete a course on Social Enterprise Governance at the DCU Ryan Academy in Citywest, but at least he knows what everyone else feels like!


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