Bloco Afro Brasil

We are currently working on a new street pageant called Bloco Afro Brasil, which is an investigation of the African influence on the Samba Reggae/Bloco Afro movement in the NE of Brasil.

The idea for this pageant comes from our long relationship with the group Ile Aiye from Salvador. We have had several opportunties to work directly with the group since 2000 at the Africa Oye Festival in Liverpool. We also visited their rehearsal space in Curuzu, Salvador in 2005, and worked with group Director Mario Pam, when he visited Ireland last year.

Mario Pam directing our surdo section during his workhop in Dublin last year.

With lots of research done, we decided that 2010 is the year to dive into the world of ‘real’ samba reggae music and dance, and the musical side of the project will be launched tonight with a return visit to our rehearsal space of the aforementioned Mario Pam. Mario will be stripping down the Ile Aiye grooves, and giving us the musical ‘road map’ for the next couple of months.

We also need to make sure that pageant looks good, and to achieve this, we have re-connected with costume designer Nilson Lourenço from Sao Paulo. Nilson designed excellent costumes for our St. Patrick’s Day pageant in 2008, and we have been looking for an opportunity to work with him again.

One of the drawings supplied by Nilson for the costumes for the new 'Bloco Afro Brasil' project.

So far, drawings have crossed the Ocean, and now that these have been agreed, Nilson is working away to get everything ready in time for an Autumn Launch.


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