Important Date in the Calendar

October 12th will be a huge date in the MaSamba calendar, as on that date we will be hosting a special fundraiser for band member Angie Gerrity.

Angie is a long-serving member of the group and is a Board member as well as a band member. In her many years with us, Angie has also acted as Costume Officer, throughout some of the busiest periods of the bands history, bringing her calm, unperturbed attitude to some of the most hectic environments!

Angie was diagnosed with cancer several years back, and despite several operations, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and probably a truck-full of drums, the fight continues.

Unfortunately, though her employers have been very understanding and supportive, she has run through the sick-pay system, and is now existing on little more than the dole, despite being a productive taxpayer for all of her working life.

We can’t do much to change the sick pay system, but one thing we are good at is organising gigs, and this one is going to be a corker! The venue is the excellent McGrattan’s Bar, which was such a great venue when we performed our ‘Boys Are Back In Town’ Pageant last August. It is incredibly central, friendly, and just the right size for a great party!

We are in discussions with a number of acts about performing, but one guaranteed act is, of course, MASAMBA! We may also have a few guest artists joining us on the night, but more about that later.

We can guarantee that it is going to be a great night, so put the date in your diary, and dust off the dancing shoes!


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