MaSamba – a REAL Social Network

Just yesterday, we received the final draft of a cool little video clip produced by Simply Zesty, a Dublin-based digital agency.

The focus of the clip is membership of MaSamba, and what it means for different people in the band, and got us thinking about the social nature of groups like MaSamba and that many people have developed long friendships and networks through membership of the group. In the last few years, there has been a huge interest in online ‘social networking’, where people use the internet to organise their social lives, but surely MaSamba is social networking in the old-fashioned way – a group where people attend regularly, make friends, and achieve goals together.

The Simply Zesty video deals with this aspect of MaSamba, and also touches on how we use social media such as Facebook and Twitter to organise the group, and to promote our work. In our case virtual social networking supports REAL social networking!


Here’s the video: Simply Zesty MaSamba Video


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Masamba Samba School is Ireland's premier Afro-Brasilian music and dance group.
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