Storm Emma and Masamba

For the last week, the media, and popular discussion has centred around one topic: Storm Emma and the mayhem that came with it.

For Masamba, it was ‘kind of’ business as usual, though the storm made it’s presence felt in many ways.

The main affect on us was, as I’m sure it was for most of you, the cancellation of most of our tuition work. Day by day, as the storm came nearer, one by one, all of our workshops and rehearsals had to be cancelled. This was for the best, and we are delighted to report that we all got through it unscathed, BUT it also meant zero financial income for the week. Coming off the back of a mid term break, it will present some financial challenges. I’m sure that this will be the same for most of our colleagues in the community music sector – only so many things can be rescheduled, and there will inevitably a loss of income for us all.

On the other hand, having just moved the office home, there was no excuse not to get cracking with all the admin. and fundraising work that has been mounting up. Personally, I have never experiences such a bottleneck of funding and reporting deadlines as I have in the period since Christmas. As well as several well-flagged funding deadlines, we have been informed that we have to ‘renew’ our Governance Code commitments (why?), there are a series of new responsibilities under the updated ‘Children First’ legislation, and the new General Data Protection Rules are also about to come into effect. These are all worthy enterprises, but why do they all have to come at once? Trying to keep a voluntary Board of Directors appraised of all these policies, procedures and responsibilities is a job in itself, let alone the hard yards of reading up and attending training sessions on it all. After all this, is there time to go out and do the actual work?

So ‘Storm Emma’ was a storm in the real sense, but has also fed into a kind of administrative storm – unfortunately, the admin. storm will take longer to clear than melting snow!

However, as the real snow starts to clear, we are looking forward to getting back out into the world, and working with real people again – even Emma!



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