Variety is the Spice of Life (stamina important too!)

St. Patrick’s Day is always an important time in the MaSamba camp, and this year is no exception!

This year, as always, we are involved in a whole series of events, some big, some small, some very public, some almost invisible, some for the world to see, and some that might only mean something to band members and friends – variety, as they say, is the spice of life!

Today, alone, we were involved in three different events, and they reflect the different strands of the work.

Simeon started the day down in Sherriff Street, with the Marino College Samba Band. He has been working in Marino College on a weekly basis for two years now, and the band is really on fire at the moment, but this is the first time they have ever done a parade. Like everything else, they took to it with great aplomb, and no doubt, photos will be forthcoming, but for the moment, here is a picture of them in the local community hall.

This was also a great opportunity for us to re-connect with the community in North Wall, where MaSamba have worked for many years, through the bad old days, through the boom (which largely missed North Wall) and now through the latest difficulties. It was great to see community representatives such as Evelyn Gannon, still working away and making an important difference to one of Ireland’s most vibrant communities!

Unfortunately, this project went a little later than anticipated, and Simeon only got to Scoil Iosagain, after their show was over. However, it doesn’t take away from the work Sarah has been doing in the school over the last number of years, and where the entire school becomes a centre of drumming passion for six weeks each year, culminating in a show where the whole school rocks to the rhythms of afoxé, hip hop, samba rap, and samba reggae. As always, the boys did themselves and their school proud, and there were a lot of smiling faces all round!

From there, it was a quick dash down to the Guinness Storehouse, to check in on the Samba Band entertaining the tourists queueing up for Storehouse tour. The lads were rocking out some great beats, and the audience absolutely loved it! This band are playing at the Storehouse until Sunday, when the remaining member of the band will travel to Claremorris to rock some maracatu there – more reports and photos to follow!




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