A Week of Endings

As they say, ‘all good things must come to an end’, and this week sees a few things finishing up around the same time.

Firstly, our most recent project with the HSE Mental Health Group concludes this week. This is a fun project, working with adults with various mental health issues, and we have a good laugh every week, while remembering to get some drumming done as well. Even thought the workshops finish this week, we are looking for an opportunity to do a little performance somewhere before Christmas, to mark the end of the project, and to celebrate all the great work to date!

Rehearsals with our Youth Project, made up mainly of children from Scoil Treasa Naofa and St. James' National School.

Rehearsals with our Youth Project, made up mainly of children from Scoil Treasa Naofa and St. James’ National School.

The same day, our own youth project ends its current stint, with a performance at the lighting of the Christmas lights in Thomas Street. Rehearsals have been going very well, and the group has a couple of great pieces of music down for the occasion. It will be a big band too, with about 20 members welcoming everyone to the ceremony at Cornmarket on Thursday evening and 5.30pm – try to get there if you can!

Thomas Street Lights

Following this, we will probably take a couple of weeks off, as we are moving premises, but we want the youth project to be the centrepiece of the official opening of the new building, so their break won’t be for long!

Finally, and the real biggie, we have to be out of our current rehearsal space and into our new one by the end of this week! We have known about the move for some time, but because we’ve had so much work on, and because there has been a lot of building work taking place in the new space on Bow Lane, we have had to hold off the move until almost the last minute! We have managed to do a lot over the last couple of weekends, and we just need one big push this coming weekend, to get the remaining stuff moved, and then the set up in Bow Lane begins!

It will be sad leaving the newmarket premises. We have been there since 2006, and the place has seen a lot of great music, a lot of amazing people, a lot of laughs, and even a few tears. However, this new building, though needing a lot of work, gives us much better options for the future, so onwards and upwards!


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