Ever wished you could jam with world famous musicians? Chances are, if it ever did happen, there would be no way of recording it, but now, both are possible, with the introduction of the WholeWorldBand App.

WholeWorldBand is a kind of serious karaoke for musicians, which allows the user to play along with tracks laid down by some of the world’s best know musicians, and video the results, which can be shared worldwide with other users. It is a great practice tool, a way to express your creativity or just a bit of fun.

The app is the brainchild of Kevin Godley of 10CC and Godley and Creme fame, and he has used his extensive contacts list to start the ball rolling with household names such as Ronnie Wood, Soak, Rónán O’Snodaigh, Stuart Copeland, and MaSamba!

Kevin Godley, photographed in the MaSamba Rehearsal Space, 2013.












We were asked to contribute a track to the App, and Kevin and his crew came to our rehearsal space some months back to record the track, and explain the process to us. It was a pleasure working with Kevin  and to see him bopping around the room as he listened to the playback.

The App is available now from the Apple Store, and Kevin explains more about the app here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5zM7LP_3Qo


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