Giant Octopus Heading for Dublin and Drogheda!!

No, this is not the government trying to distract us from yet another tax-hike, The Octopus is the name of a new street theatre presentation currently being developed by Samba Resille, in preparation for their Irish tour in June 2013.

Samba Resille are one of the most established Afro-Brasilian music and dance groups in France, and are based in Toulouse. More importantly for us, the group boasts an ex-masambeiro amongst it ranks in the form of Yacine Marwan. Yacine has been back in France a couple of years, but still stayed connected to MaSamba’s exploits from afar. He recently made contact and suggested a collaborative project between Samba Resille and MaSamba, which will co-incide with the Drogheda Samba Festival 2013. This is all music to our ears, and over the last number of months a series of emails and phone conversations have taken place and a definite plan is taking shape.

It looks like 30 members of the group will be here for a 5-day period at the end of June next year, and will be presenting their street show, the Octopus, as well as rehearsing  performing with MaSamba!

We are really excited about this project – check back here for updates!


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Masamba Samba School is Ireland's premier Afro-Brasilian music and dance group.
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