MaSamba’s Extended Family

We were honoured (or honored) this week with a very special visitor at rehearsals in the shape of Ken Dawson.

Ken, our cuddly Canadian, had been a member of MaSamba up until about five years ago, when he had to move back to Canada for education and work reasons. He has always kept in touch with the band, and has been very supportive of many of our activities, albeit, from thousands of miles away.

Ken let us know that he would be in the neighbourhood, and would drop by, but we didn’t realise until the night itself that he was actually commuting from Amsterdam to join us, and would literally be flying back first thing the following day. That’s what I call dedication!

Blessed is he amongst women!

It was a lovely feeling to welcome him back to rehearsals, and there were plenty of familiar faces around to greet him. Ken has always been a generous guy, but at the break, he produced a huge stash of sweets and biscuits – basically, if it’s sweet and in the shape of a maple leaf, we had it!

Maple Madness - Just in case we didn't know that Ken is CANADIAN, EH!

He also gave us a lot of momentos of the Octoberfest, which is a huge event in his current home city of Kitchener, and we were convinced that his trip must have been part-funded by the Canadian tourist board!

It’s at times like this, the we realise that MaSamba is much more than just the people who show up every week for the rehearsals and the gigs. Though these are the backbone of MaSamba, there is this ever-growing network of people who have been in the band, or have worked with us which stretches throughout Ireland, to the UK, throughout Europe, the U.S., Canada, and, of course Brasil – if everyone came ‘home’ at once, we would need to hire Croke Park for the rehearsal!

Ken and Simeon, commanding a wall of drums!


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