Music Capital Scheme Success!

We were delighted to learn that we have been successful in being awarded a grant of €2,416.60 through the Music Capital Scheme!

The Scheme, which is managed by Music Network on behalf of the Arts Council, is specifically designed to ensure that music education projects can maintain a stock of professional-quality instruments and equipment such as PA, stands, cases, etc. Masamba has been lucky enough to receive several grants through the Music Capital Scheme over the last decade, and they always seem to weigh in, just when we are stuck for something.

As well as some great percussion equipment, this grant will facilitate us to buy a new SPD-SX sampling pad. We have been using a (borrowed) older model in some of our collaborative work with other artists such as Andrea Nicole and DJ Moschops, and it has proven extremely useful, so we are delighted to have one permanently on site at our rehearsal space.

Also, we will have a budget to buy some valuable spares to keep existing instruments on line, and in working order. Most of our instruments have a hectic lifestyle, with a lot of usage and a lot of transportation on the menu. Even though we pride ourselves on how we care for the tools of our trade, some damage is inevitable, and rarely does a week go by without something ending up on the ‘damaged’ list.

Roughly once a month we have a repair day, where any damaged instruments are assessed and repaired on the spot, if possible. Sometimes, specialist parts are needed or in rare cases, an instrument will have to be repaired by an outside specialist, and this will be scheduled in at the nearest opportunity.

The Music Capital Scheme facilitates us to keep a stock of spares on hand to ensure that most broken instruments can be fixed immediately and are back in the hands of music students and band members, where they belong.



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