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Another St. Patrick's Day...another 3 parades!

St. Patrick's Day has alway been busy for the Masamba crew, and this year was no different. Over the weekend, we had no less than 3 parades to contend with, as well as completing a couple of teaching projects in Finglas and Arklow. The arrival of a bank holiday Monday was indeed very welcome!

This year, we were extremely lucky to have our super-intern Grace Allard along with us to provide production support. Grace is a dab hand with the camera, and this meant that we got more photos and video clips than we usually would. Below is a selection of images from the parades in Swords and Malahide, which took place on St. Patrick's Day. Our other event was in Sheriff Street on Friday, March 15th. With that said, a few images have appeared on the accounts of the thousands of people who lined the parade routes in all locations.

We even made a return to the pages of the prestigious Irish Times newspaper with a lovely photo of us in action in Sheriff Street on Friday!

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