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Samba is one of the most accessible musical art forms available to all ages. It’s fun and easy to understand, and it’s a great gateway to music for children.

Using some simple clapping games and conveying these onto the instruments, within minutes all students will have instruments in their hands, and in just a half hour, the whole class will be playing with confidence as a samba band. Every student’s contribution will be valued, as they contribute to the overall team effort.

Once the foundations have been learned, adding a series of simple structured musical breaks and ‘call and response’ drumming will result in a finale of energetic drumming and a satisfying feeling of achievement.

We use a variety of authentic percussion instruments, sourced ethically in Brazil. From the Surdo (large bass drum) to the Tamborim (small tambourine), our instruments are the same as played in the famous Rio carnival.

This active-learning samba workshop can be tailored to suit any age or ability and can be structured over a longer period.

Projects can be stand-alone or run over several weeks, working towards a school show, a multicultural day or another public performance.

All of the required instruments are provided and the workshops are run with energy and enthusiasm by our vastly experienced team.

Through samba drumming, participants can develop the following skills/abilities


  • Learn about the structure of music

  • Interpersonal & Intrapersonal Skills

  • Communication Skills

  • Collaboration

  • Cultural Diversity

  • Social and Emotional Learning

  • Inclusion


A day can consist of: up to eight 30-40 minute samba workshops with up to 25 in each group. A half day could consist of a morning or afternoon with three 30-40 minute workshops.

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