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MaSamba Samba School was born on the wave of enthusiasm following the success of the 1994 ‘Big Bang Festival’ at the City Arts Centre in Dublin.

We are passionate about Brazilian culture, and have worked hard to become the best samba group in Ireland. As a result, we have received huge acclaim from audiences in Ireland, throughout Europe, and even Brasil.

With a drum core of experienced drummers, a dance section featuring the best Brasilian dancers in Ireland, and a huge stock of authentic, high quality carnival costumes, produced for the group in Brasil, MaSamba have the capacity to design and deliver everything from an intimate soirée to a full-on carnival parade.

We play a mixture of traditional and modern rhythms, including samba, samba-reggae, timbalada, funk, maracatu, ijexá, coco, hip-hop, samba-rock, and many other experimental mixes, with even the odd bit of Irish traditional music thrown in for good measure!

In recent years, we have developed several major pageants, including two award-winning entries for the Dublin St. Patrick’s Festival, and represented Ireland at carnival events in the UK, Germany, the US, Mexico and Brasil. Learn more about booking the band here: Hire Masamba

We rehearse together on a weekly basis in our studio in the historic Liberties area of Dublin, where new members are always welcome. Learn more about joining Masamba here: Open Rehearsals

Patron: Michael D. Higgins, President of Ireland

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