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Back to School

It's that time of the year again - the evenings start to get darker, there is the odd chill in the air, and yes, schools are back!

We've been looking forward to Masamba Samba School re-starting for some time, and now we are actually in a school! Last night (Wednesday, September 22nd) was the first official Masamba rehearsal since March 2020, and despite there being a few forgotten breaks, and the odd mistake, it was great to be back. It was also great to see the return of a couple of ex-members in the form of Aoife and Saleema, as well as some of our most loyal and longstanding current members.

Our new space in St. James's Primary School also got the thumbs up, and while it will need a little work to get it exactly right, we can all see great potential in this partnership. It's also nice to the back in the historic Liberties area of Dublin, after a couple of years on the Northside.

With shows planned for Hallowe'en and Paddy's Day, we'll need to get up to speed quickly, or we'll have to send the Masambeiros home with some homework in the little schoolbags;-)

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