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Maculêlê for a cloudy day...

We had a great time today, teaming up with Allesandra Azavedo and Mestre Tatu for an outdoor workshop in Mountjoy Square. Allesandra and Tatu have been delivering workshop in the open on Mountjoy Square for the last couple of months, in an initiative funded by Dublin City Council and organised by 5 Lamps Arts Festival.

Not only was it great to be out and about playing in the inner city, but it had been a long time since we'd played for dancers. It is a whole other discipline that required consistency and concentration, so in a way, it was a workout for us too.

The atmosphere was positive, and the dancers appreciative of our efforts. It was also nice to re-connect with the small, but active Brazilian cultural community in Dublin. After more than 25 years flying the flag for the vibrant culture of Brazil, it's great to see that reinforcements have arrived!

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