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Marching into March

Every year, the weather in Ireland and the general financial hangover after Christmas combine to make it a quiet time on the live music scene. In some years, St. Patrick’s Day will actually be the first time we play live, so there is always a sense of anticipation as we head into March.

It’s great to be able to say that we will have three gigs under our belts before the national holiday on March 17th, starting tomorrow, where we join the Hot Press team for their annual Mardi Gras gig at Lost Lane.

We continue apace on Wednesday, when we a small team of drummers pay a visit to St. James’s Hospital to participate in a smoke-free campus event for the Hospital. We may be looking for some young volunteers too, to help us out, if any of the young patients feel up to it;-)

Our first St. Patrick’s event takes place on the 13th, with our first visit to play the parade in Dunboyne. This was a gig we were all set to do in 2020, when the COVID restrictions came into play, and closed us down, so it’s great to get to actually do it.

On the 16th, we are out in Crumlin all day, doing a series of workshops for the college of further education, part of the CDETB network.

On the 17th, another first. We are travelling to Downpatrick for the first time to participate in their St. Patrick’s Day parade. It’s always nice to travel over the border, and especially nice to be playing a location that we have never performed in before. It’s also great to have a decent bus journey and a bit of a sing-song for the national holiday;-)

On March 19th, we return to the real capital of the South, Limerick, for a hip-hop dance based event. This is another new one for us, but the organising team sound like they’re really up for it, and it’s always fun to play in Limerick!

Whilst all this is going on, we are also getting busier with workshop activities, and maybe we’ll follow this blog with a rundown of all the educational projects we are going to be involved in, as soon as we have a minute.

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