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We Are MaSamba

Masamba Samba School has maintained the vision of our founding members, whilst also responding to the many societal changes in our 30 year history.


Masamba Samba School is a community music and dance collective, working primarily through the rich culture of Brazil. We promote Afro-Brazilian culture through performances and educational projects, always maintaining active links with, and a deep respect for, the source of the art, both traditional and contemporary.

We aim to be inclusive in all our activities and actively promote a social justice agenda, using the transformative power of the arts to support marginalised communities in their efforts to achieve equality and respect.


Masamba Samba School is a music and dance collective, using the vibrant culture of Brasil to promote creativity, wellbeing and social justice.


  1. We ensure the highest standard of internal training possible, through adequate resourcing of band leaders and the Musical Director and bringing in external expertise where appropriate and affordable;

  2. We demand the highest performance standards possible when undertaking public work. Both the musical presentation and the administrative interface are always equally valued by maSamba Samba School and this is evidenced in the vast amount of ‘repeat’ work we receive each year;

  3. We endeavour to design and deliver the highest standard of external training for the education, community and corporate sectors, placing high value on musical techniques and aesthetics, an honest representation of the cultures of other countries and the enjoyment and safety of participants and staff

  4. To ensure that our work develops further and that we are in a position to inform and, be informed by, policy developments, we seek to develop meaningful outreach work and strategic partnerships where appropriate.

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