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Corporate Team Building & Performances 

Teambuilding Workshops


Watching the news last night, and the topic of workers returning to ‘the office’ came up. Some HR consultants and experts on work practices believe that many workers will be hesitant about returning to the ‘normal’ ways of working, and may need some persuasion to make the transition from home working.

An additional factor is that many companies will have hired in new staff during the pandemic, so as well as bringing existing teams back together, there will be the challenge of introducing new team members to their colleagues.

Well folks, samba drumming is the perfect corporate teambuilding activity to break the ice and (re)introduce staff groups to each other. Masamba have delivered teambuilding workshops with some of Ireland’s biggest companies. We have worked with teams as small as six, and can accommodate up to 200 people in a single session – that is every participant with an authentic, professional level, Brazilian percussion instrument in their hands – no toys, no sharing.

Sessions are non-hierarchical, hands on, and fun. Collective music making also encourages the creative processes of the brain, so can act as a great precursor to planning sessions and think-ins. Alternatively, an hour playing the drums with your colleagues can be the perfect preparation for a social event such as a meal or drinks reception.

Best of all, corporates can rest assured that their financial outlay will go to support Masamba’s charitable work with young people in Dublin’s inner city, so it really is a win-win situation.


Planning a company celebration or a product launch? Masamba's drummers have performed for many of Ireland's leading companies, including Bank of Ireland, Google, Facebook, Heineken and Kelloggs. Whether the event is large or small, we can tailor our services to the client, and can often suggest 'added value' items such as branded instruments, or develop corporate chants.

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