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May the Drums Be With You!

During the COVID-19 lockdown we were keen to get back to normality, and get out working again. Schools may have been open, but many were reticent about bringing external tutors in to work with their students, and they rightly felt it might increase the chances of spreading the pandemic. Well, that’s all changed!

Above: The Masamba crew who performed at the Ringsend and Irishtown May Day Parade.

The month of May saw us out almost every working day, in many cases delivering several workshops each day. Here are some of the stats:

We worked with at least 929 different people in May

We delivered 112 workshops

We worked mainly in Dublin, but also got as far afield as Cootehill, Tramore, Portlaoise and Greystones.

Above: Some of our top students from St. James's Primary School have now graduated on to playing several drums at once!

All in all, it was a highly successful month, but thankfully, June is not quite as busy – if nothing else, we are running out of drumsticks;-)

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